The Physiologic Effects of Immersion

The main physical properties of water that produce biologic effects are:




Hydrostatic Pressure

Thermal properties

          Lowers blood pressure

          Increases cardiac volume

          Increases stroke volume

          Increases cardiac output and efficiency

          Improves ejection fraction

          Decreases peripheral vascular resistance

     Improves vascular compliance

          Increases intrathoracic blood volume

          Slightly decreases thoracic size

          Increases work of breathing

          Can work to strengthen muscles of respiration

          Offloads bones and joints

          Increases muscle blood flow

          May increase bone blood flow

          May increase synovial fluid production

          Increases renal blood flow

          Alters renal hormones

          Increases renal efficiency

          Promotes sodium excretion

          Increases diuresis

          Increases brain blood flow

          Promotes relaxation

          May improve balance

          May improve sleep patterns

     May positively impact brain function in dementia

In the Publications page of this website are both peer-reviewed articles and lay press publications documenting these effects with extensive bibliographies so support the statements above. Most of the peer-reviewed articles are linked to PDF papers for your review.